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Looking for that “Special Someone” here are a few of the more well know and recommended dating sites online.
I thought it only fitting that we included this section, since Lisa and I  met online and it was definitely a good thing. I hope you have as good of an experience and find love as we have.

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We all need it and want it. Get rich schemes abound everywhere and some WILL actually make you rich… just don’t expect it to be Quick or Easy, it just doesn’t work that way. Find ways to earn some extra cash… or even a decent living (if you really apply yourself).

Once you have earned those hard earned dollars, don’t be too quick to just start handing them out. We all have our bills to pay and luxuries to enjoy, but if we can have them for less… we keep more of those dollars in our pockets for… you guessed it… more things!

Wealth creation is an art form to some. The methods to increase ones wealth are limited only to ones imagination.
Here we will present some of the common venues utilized by many, including the Stock Market, Real Estate, and perhaps some less conventional diversions.

Get into Shape, Feel Good, Look Good and Enjoy Life. What more could we possibly say?

Raise the Kids, care for your Pets, Grow a Garden or Renovate your house. All the little extra things that give us the most enjoyment of our lives.

“Get off a your Butt!!”
Sometimes we just need that little extra push to motivate us or positively change our thinking or concepts…
Read on….

Baseball, Fo0otball, Hockey, Soccer, Horse Racing, Casino, Poker, World of Warcraft, Super Mario Brothers, Tetris, Hopscotch, Tag, Hide and Seek…. No matter what your preference, it is one of our most important diversions
The more advanced the society, the greater the need for Play!

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